Our mission is to create, produce and unite podcasters, sponsors and guests whose stories benefit the communities that listen.


For a Cause you believe in!

“Podcasting can be a wonderful communication solution for nonprofit, cause-based or educational organizations. By using podcasts to share your STORIES, you can communicate advocacy, information to members and gain supporters. The audio/podcast format is a great way to increase engagement and spread your organization’s message further.

For You!

As the years move on and the dinner party conversations build, I have been enamored with listening to the stories of people helping people. They provide new perspectives on who we are. They cover every topic imaginable. Sharing those stories through podcasts would enlighten others who want to do the same.

For your business!

For some businesses, who support worthy causes, podcasting can be an incredible marketing tool. And when it works, the results can be amazing: It can bring you new audiences, trust, loyalty and even more clients and sales.

Aspire by The Podgeist Network

The Podgeist Networks Aspire production team partners with not-for-profit, educational and cause related industries to develop, produce, distribute and media manage new and ongoing podcasts.

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if your podcast possesses the qualities we are looking for, and you want to connect with sponsors and advertisers, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re a good match for our program, we’d be thrilled to work with you.

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Featured Podcast ”

Yak About Today”

The “Yak About Today” broadcasts deliver on-air conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information.

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Beginning July, 2019, TPN will begin broadcasting The podGeist Podcast. If you are a podcaster, a guest or a sponsor, this is the place meet and tell your story to one another. So, sign in below and remember it’s free to join.

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There are stories we tell and stories we hear. Storytelling helps people connect with one another and to understand one another - to feel connected. It helps form friendships. It’s what binds families. It promotes business loyalty and helps grow audiences.

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TPN will be joining I Heart Radio’s Radiojar Fall ‘19 , a 24 hour line-up you won’t want to miss.