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As many of you know, this year is the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. In celebration, a new podcast is being developed by The Podgeist Network.

It wasn’t always that we could walk down the street holding hands with a same sex loved one. Nor did we ever believe that one day we would see a Presidential Candidate kissed by his husband after announcing his run for the Presidency.

For generations we had to hide, sneak around and be fearful of being found out. It was only a generation ago that we began to come out - tell our families and friends. The stories were sometimes traumatic, sometimes funny and sometimes they didn’t end well at all.

Future generations may never have to face that dilemma. But they should know why they are free to express their love to the ones they wish to.

Wherever your place in the LGBTQ+ community, the purpose of “The Coming Out Podcast” is to collect your stories and pass them on .

We will begin recording the stories August, 2019 and the “Coming Out” Podcasts will begin broadcasting September 2019.

We are hoping you will join us and tell your story, Sign up below and let the future hear your story!

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