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How to know if you are right for The podGeist Network and is the audience you want to reach a match for our podcasters topics

For You!

Who is your ideal customer? How do they describe them? What words do you use to describe them?

You want to find podcasts that these people listen to. You want to focus on the same audience that you are trying to reach through your other marketing channels.

What you can tell us about yourself that would get you an invite from one of our podcasters.

One easy way for us to figure out if you are right for The podGeist Network is to tell us the following.:

Area of Expertise — A pitch about a topic that falls into your general area of expertise or knowledge.

Problem → Solution — A pitch about how to solve a common problem that someone in your target market may be experiencing.

Unconventional Opinion — A pitch about a strong opinion you hold counter to a common viewpoint in your target market.

For each of these categories, you’ll want to write out one topic for discussion that you could talk about for 20-30 minutes. You should draw on your knowledge of your target market:

What common information are they looking for? (Area of Expertise)*

What questions do they often have? *(Problem → Solution)*

Where do you disagree with the industry approach? *(Unconventional Opinion)*

So, fill out the form below and see if one of our podcasts is right for you.

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